The Vision Pastorate where people grow together in fellowship

and spirituality, sharing with all the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Supporting Statement

Our vision for this pastorate sees the fellowships of the three churches:

  1. Worshipping and serving God, through Jesus Christ, in our communities to the best of our abilities.
  2. Being joyful, inclusive, committed and open to fresh expressions and ways of service.
  3. Seeking out growth in our spirituality, fellowship and membership.
  4. Planning to be more closely invoked with peoples within our pastorate, other churches, other faiths and the communities where we find ourselves.
  5. Intending to be caring fellowships, both within our own congregation and also to those in the wider world suffering poverty or injustice.
  6. Encouraging conservation of the world and its resources and engaging with our communities and globally on issues of environmental care.